For every great bachelorette party, there's usually a raging bachelor party lurking in the distance. You can picture the scene: Everyone's bellied up to the bar, ripping shots off a Coyote girl's stomach or just flat-out misbehaving. No matter what you end up doing, everyone wants it to be a killer time - because your buddy, your brother, your compadre is about to get married. Granted, not all bachelor parties end up being a wild, but who doesn't want to have that kind of fun?

With all this partying going on, there's one solid way to get to and from the various possible bachelor party destinations: Bachelor party-friendly watering holes, strip clubs, golf courses, racetracks, paintball courses, casinos, skydiving fields, bar crawls, stadiums, did I mention strip clubs, or anywhere else.

Hop on The Bus! The Bustonian, Boston's original party bus, will take care of everything. Yeah, you read that right: Everything! Grab the groom, some guys he works with, his buddies, and hell, anyone else - you can take up to 30 guys onboard this customized party bus. The Bustonian has planned more than 150 of these Gong Shows and we seem to have it down pretty good.

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