Posted By: Angela Bustonian

5. Riding in style. Everyone is jealous of the group getting off of the party bus with VIP access into the club they've been waiting to get into!

4. Comfort! What better way to ride to your destination than with a group of friends, a cooler full of drinks, and enough space to get up and move around?! Don't let your legs cramp, enjoy the ride.

3. Travel together. You, your friends, your family, or whoever you've gone out with for the night will never have to wait on each other. When everyone is on the bus, you will arrive together!

2. It is FUN. You only live once, why not use a party bus?

1. You have a designated driver for the night! This may be the most important reason for using our service. Our drivers have been doing this for years and know all of the hot spots and when to take you there! This keeps you, your friends/family, and everyone else on the road safe!


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