Posted By: Angela Bustonian
After the long winter we all went through, you deserve a night out on the town. Enjoy your warm summer nights while you can! Grab your friends, an iPod, some drinks and your dancing shoes for a night riding the Bustonian party buses! We make sure your night turns out as great as you imagined it, or more!! Call today to ask about how we can make your night one you'll never forget! 617-694-6508

Posted By: Angela Bustonian
Doesn't matter if you're turning 21 or 50, getting married or celebrating new freedom, whether its sunny or raining... you never need to justify a party! It's the beginning of summer, with the hot weather many of you are trying to escape the city, but there is no need when you can ride the bus all night to some of the hottest clubs and bars in town! Keep the party GOING in a Bustonian Party Bus. Pack an ipod, some beverages and a camera to document your night; we are not responsible for lost items, especially your memory!

Posted By: Angela Bustonian
The phones are ringing off the hook for bus rental this season! With our new bus The Orca and the rest of our fine fleet, we have a bus for every occasion! Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a graduation, a bachelor party, a bachelorette party or more.. the Bustonian is the ride for you! Give us a call to book a bus for the night of your life! 617-694-6508

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There is no doubt about it, the Bustonian has the best party buses in Boston. You will not find another bus company who can match our quality and service! With the best stereo systems, the coolest LED lights, professional drivers and the most free access to the hottest clubs and bars in town, its no wonder our customers always come back for more! Try us this summer and find out what all the hype is about!! Call TODAY! 617-694-6508

Posted By: Angela Bustonian
Check out our Bustonian Boston Party buses for a great night out on the town! Dance the night away while riding around with your friends or family. It's guaranteed to be a great time. Grab some friends, drinks and your party shoes and HOP ON THE BUS!! CALL NOW 617-694-6508

Posted By: Angela Bustonian
The answer is no! Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a corporate event, a holiday, or nothing at all.. there is always a good reason to jump on this Boston party bus! We have an amazing fleet of buses equipped with colorful lighting, sweet sound systems, poles and coolers. All of this together ensures that your night will be unforgettable... This summer buses are booking up quickly, but there is always something we can do for you here at the Bustonian!! Call now to book your bus!! 617-694-6508

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What are your plans for this Friday night?! The weather forecast says rain, so what better way to get into your favorite clubs and bars than with VIP access? Thats right, when you ride with the Bustonian you skip the line and don't pay a cover charge! Check out the awesome clubs and bars we can get you into while riding the bus! Call now to book your bus: 617-694-6508

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5. Riding in style. Everyone is jealous of the group getting off of the party bus with VIP access into the club they've been waiting to get into! 4. Comfort! What better way to ride to your destination than with a group of friends, a cooler full of drinks, and enough space to get up and move around?! Don't let your legs cramp, enjoy the ride. 3. Travel together. You, your friends, your family, or whoever you've gone out with for the night will never have to wait on each other. When everyone is on the bus, you will arrive together! 2. It is FUN. You only live once, why not use a party bus? 1. You have a designated driver for the night! This may be the most important reason for using our service. Our drivers have been doing this for years and know all of the hot spots and when to take you there! This keeps you, your friends/family, and everyone else on the road safe! Call now to book your bus! 617-694-6508

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