Posted By: Angela Bustonian
In my opinion, going out on Friday is way better. You get out of work, head over to your friends place, pregame, and spend a night out with no regrets! The best part is, you have all day Saturday AND Sunday to recover! Let us be your Friday night out! Call now to book your bus! 617-694-6508

Posted By: Angela Bustonian
This year... Hallo-weekend is going to be the best one yet. With Halloween falling on a Friday, you know its going to be a long weekend! You don't want to miss out on the Halloween madness going on throughout the city at some of the hottest clubs and bars. When you ride with us, we can get you in without having to wait in the cold line! Ladies -- where as little as you want on Halloween this year, and look like a VIP when you skip the lines and the cover charge! We'll be your DD and your ride between clubs! CALL NOW TO BOOK YOUR BUS! 617-694-6508

Posted By: Angela Bustonian
Are you heading back to Boston this week because school is starting up? Do you have a bunch of cash from working all summer? Do you have a bunch of friends that you cant wait to see? If you said yes to any of these questions...............The Bustonian is the place for you! Give us a call to talk about our options for the hottest party buses in the city! Everyone is talking about us, the LED lights, and surround sound systems. We have it all and then some ---- SKIP THE LINES and NEVER PAY COVER at some of your favorite spots in town!! CALL NOW TO BOOK 617-694-6508

Posted By: Angela Bustonian
Not going away for Labor day? GET A BUS! Ride the city in style for this long weekend... CALL NOW 617-694-6508

Posted By: Angela Bustonian
What are your plans for the fall? It is sneaking up on us as September is only 2 weeks away. Plan your fun fall night out with your gang with the Bustonian!!! We have an amazing fleet of buses and love party people! Hop on the bus! CALL NOW 617-694-6508

Posted By: Angela Bustonian
2014 is winding down, there are only a few more months left!! Have you scratched a few things off of your bucket list this year?? IF NOT.... you NEED to take a ride on our Boston Party buses!! With LED lights and sweet surround sound systems, your night is sure to be EPIC! CALL NOW to book your bus: 617-694-6508

Posted By: Angela Bustonian
Are you dying for a reason to go out with all of your good friends for a night in BOSTON? Well renting with the Bustonian is always a good enough reason to do so! We have a fleet of amazing buses and all are pimped out so that you are riding in style!! LED lights, amazing sound systems, dancing poles and MORE!! Call now to book your bus.......you wont regret this night, but you may forget it!! :) 617-694-6508

Posted By: Angela Bustonian
Here at the Bustonian Party bus Company, we SPECIALIZE in taking you out for your bachelor or bachelorette party!! With our buses decked out in LED lights and amazing surround sound systems... dancing POLES and TV's!! It will be the biggest regret of your life not to book with us:)!! SKIP THE LINES and DONT PAY COVER! CALL NOOOOOW 617-694-6508

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This is the time of year when the students start coming back to Boston for another year of book learning! What better way to celebrate a reunion with your college friends than to book a bus to be your DD for the night!! Hit up some of your favorite places and the hottest clubs and bars when you ride with us. FREE admission and NO WAIT in line!! CALL NOW 617-694-6508

Posted By: Angela Bustonian
August has arrived and the last few weekends of summer are coming up. Call now to book for your summer blow out party!! Our Boston party buses are decked out with the hottest sound systems and LED lighting so you are traveling in style!!! Call now to book your bus! 617-694-6508

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